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Sweeping vistas, architectural interpretations, and details bordering on the abstract.



Abstract and Detail

 About Me

I am a Mojave Desert native, eventually transplanted into Southern Maryland in 2007. With a background in systems engineering from the University of Arizona and decades working in various rocket propulsion and nuclear propulsion programs, I am stuck in a very left-brain world. Seeking balance, I quite accidentally evolved a passion for photography as a part of my journey, and use that medium and all of the world-travels it fuels in pursuit of myself and some right-brain balance. Each image represents a mile marker on my long journey, and each setting or rising sun a hopeful tribute to the splendor of the natural world we have been gifted with.

My photography, at times, aims to capture sweeping vistas awash in color representative of standing in our most beautiful and reverent places, while never losing my love of the desert’s beauty. Yet other imagery delves into the tiniest of details or colorless structural elements, seeking out inspiration in the minutia as a reminder that true beauty is all around us, no matter how bleak the horizon may seem at any given time. Shadows find themselves amplified in the art, allowing them to be intentional compositional void space to be celebrated, vice forcefully filled in.

Most Recent Exhibit

63 pieces of my original work graced the gallery walls of the Mattawoman Creek Art Center (MCAC), a Maryland 501.(c).3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to cultivating an appreciation for the visual arts.  Details on the exhibit, and the opening reception can be found on the MCAC Facebook Page, and while you are at it, do check out the MCAC Website.  Art from this exhibit may be purchased online right HERE.


Other Purchase Opportunities

I take extreme pride in every work produced, and as such, do not currently intend to open up direct ordering with a link to a drop shipping company.  It takes me out of the loop, and prevents me from ensuring you get the epic artwork you truly deserve.  If you see an image you like in the galleries, reach out to me, and let’s chat about size, format, framing and delivery options that result in the perfect piece for that perfect spot in your life.